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pretty soon election time come & lying big mouth of robopath politician open up wide & spew out many attack & vitriol & bs & 1/2 truth and etc. pretty soon it time for republicrap and democrap party start bamboozle voter again.

monkey today discover maybe secret weapon of koch brother creature & other  hidden scheming power spider what sit in middle of web of society and pull string of everything.

it = fadoozler. reader too can find out about fadoozler in first few minute of video down there. reader not need watch whole video. ps. monkey think human being princess on show = wow + pretty + hot stuff.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader watch 1st few minute of video & learn about fadoozler. & monkey hope reader stock up soon on barf bag & ear plug before spider power broker & politician robopath puppet start fill air with fadoozler lie and bs.