monkey watch many movie at home with Man and Lady. once in while Man and Lady go see movie in theater when it movie boor and barbarian probably not like go see. then it ok in theater. like when Man and Lady go see grand budapest hotel. it ok movie Man say. not so great as every body say. it not have much for think about in it. but at least vulgarian dunce not go to theater for see grand budapest hotel and ruin movie.

monkey ask what Man mean barbarian and boor and vulgarian go to theater.  monkey now give own word of Man for explain why Man hate go to movie theater.

  • Rude, discourteous, obnoxious, & witless movie-going boneheads both young and “adult” who don’t know the difference between a family room and a theater and who display no evidence of having been taught even the rudiments of appropriate social behavior
  • Dolts who supply a half-witted running commentary to their partners. Dolts who can’t follow a movie and keep asking questions about what’s going on or what just happened.
  • Mobile phones/devices in theaters. Morons texting during a show!
  • The expense of tickets. I can watch all the movies I want for a month through Netflix for the price of a single movie ticket!
  • Loud chewing, guzzling, & chomping!
  • Commericials for Pete’s sake! Blaring, vulgar, and stupid commercials I’m actually paying good money to be forced to watch. Morons laughing at “humorous” commercials.

That why Man hate go movie theater.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope when reader go movie theater that moron not go same theater then.