yesterday Man & monkey write about repressive desublimation. monkey think that = 100 % boring. Man make frown face & say well you brought it up monkey.

today monkey say why not tell joke what not = boring and maybe let reader relax brain and not think too much.

Man say ok monkey & ask what joke. monkey think and remember joke what not bore monkey. it not so good as huge orange head joke monkey know. or penguin joke. but it good joke any way. here joke.

dog go in telegram office & take form & write woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof.

clerk look at what dog write and tell dog there only 9 word there & dog can send 1 more word for same price.

dog say but then that not any make sense at all.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you like joke. you want tell joke go ahead. monkey not have copy right.