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monkey see on televisionon stuff what monkey not understand why mans and ladies watch. there march madness show with many mans run back forth & back forth & back forth and throw round ball up in air and bounce ball on floor and jump up with ball and etc. there show of reality what not = any idea monkey have of reality. there prolefeed crap like america got talent and voice and idol and etc what mean diddly squat in big picture of world. monkey ask Man if there word what explain why many mans and ladies sit in front of screen & watch and listen this stuff like addict.

Man say yes monkey. there 2 word. monkey make brain work & take guess and say time sink. Man say yes but that  not 2 word Man have in brain. monkey take 1 more guess and say time suck . Man say yes maybe but that not either = 2 word what Man have in brain. monkey say ok just tell monkey what 2 word Man have in mind.

Man say it all part of repressive desublimation. monkey never hear either of 2 word before now & monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man explain please. Man say later. but if reader want find out more for self than click here link and go down for read # 7. Man say he not = marxist human being creature & not believe every thing what mr herbert marcuse say but Man think maybe mr herbert marcuse have got a point. p s Man say. scatter adapt and remember  what get mention in link =100 % interesting book.

goodbye today reader. monkey think Man = 100 % too serious some time.