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Man like read stuff what = poetry. so monkey surprise Man & write poem. here poem thing what monkey write.

blueness spread from side to side
in blueness many birdie wing
when monkey walk in blueness wide
thought in monkey brain come sing

Man read poem of monkey & smile & say thank you monkey for write nice poem. it very colorful say Man. monkey ask Man if Man need have monkey explain what poem mean. Man not scratch head for show not understand & say he think he know already it about how nature help make thought come like flying bird in simple brain of monkey. monkey say wow that = correct. monkey ask Man if poem of monkey = good. Man say it = pretty awful but better than many crap modern poem what = obscure or precious or incoherent or pompous etc . but monkey poem at least honest Man say.

then Man ask if monkey want poem challenge for see if monkey able for tell if computer machine or human being write poem. monkey say that sound like fun & monkey always ready for challenge & monkey tell Man intelligent & educated reader of monkey blog always ready for challenge too. Man laugh and say okey doke. here link for poem challenge. then Man say in case reader scratch head for show not understand what = turing test then reader go here link for find out.

goodbye today reader. monkey like poetry but think it hard for write good poetry. it hard even for say what good poetry = but monkey know it when see & hear it.