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monkey learn new word agnotology what = big word what Man learn 1st. Man say it = 100 % a + important for learn about agnotology. why. here why.

  • it explain how serial killer tobacco industry still make many $$$ by sell & spread horrible death & sickness all over earth planet.
  • it explain where fear come from what make parent think it bad idea for vaccinate kid.
  • it explain why many mans and ladies think climate change not real.
  • it explain why mans and ladies believe many lie about affordable health plan like what ms once upon a time sarah palin preach at big cpac meeting.
  • etc.

Man tell monkey it good deed for give link for reader go find out about agnotology & monkey think it good idea too. click here for go find out more.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope maybe reader 1 little bit curious like monkey about who manufacture nonsense & who profit from ignorance. maybe even reader share link nice with friend.