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Man & Lady & monkey watch televisionon show what have name cosmos yesterday night. monkey enjoy show what tell fact about planet & star & galaxy & science & church of roman catholicness what torture & burn up mans what think different from church & etc. scientist man mr neil degrasse tyson talk even about science & evolution what surprise monkey 100 % because cosmos on fox tv what not deal too much in fact.

yes monkey love cosmos show. yes monkey give 100 % a + recommend.

but there something monkey not like. what. here what. monkey not used to watch televisionon with commercial. and there many+ many + many commercial of stoopididity what = rude & interrupt mr neil degrasse tyson & cosmos show. every time commercial come on & stop cosmos show Man say many bad swears. next time cosmos come on televisionon Man record show & watch later & speed through many commercial. and monkey & Lady not have to listen to bad swears.

goodbye today reader. if reader not know much about cosmos place where reader & monkey & Man & Lady live then maybe reader find out more by watch cosmos. and find out about how science work. and about nature & fact & reality. and maybe even find new way for think about meaning of life.