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monkey ask Man what = low t. Man ask monkey why monkey want know that. monkey say it on televisionon commercial ad thing where actor say he talkadoctor & get test what say he have low t & say thats it it was just a number not me & just spread androgel crap on arm and yay now have better t. and actor go pump gas & drive around in convertible with lady & look cool in sunglasses & have nice dinner with lady & go shop with lady & knock miniature golf ball around with lady & hit ball hard so it like white blur on screen of tv & heat up & launch little white balloon into dark sky.

Man say its not very subtle symbolism.  even simple brain of monkey get it.

monkey tell Man now monkey worry about monkey have low t.

Man make sigh sound & roll eye up in head & explain low t not just = a number. t = testosterone what = big male sex hormone chemical what help organ of male sex grow and make deep voice and hair all over & etc. if man have low t then maybe peepee organ thing not stand up straight & play nice. & maybe low t = man get moody feeling & maybe get feeling of tiredness and etc. Man say it up for mans for decide if want bigger number t + maybe feel sexy + not have bad mood + etc and maybe get bad side effect.

monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man what side effect for androgel drug. Man say be right back & go look then on computer machine & find big lot of info on testosterone drug. there too much info so monkey say if reader want find out many side effect of t drug click link.

monkey read info & monkey think wow low t not just a number.

Man say ok  monkey here something else think about. there only 2 country on whole earth planet what let prescription big $$$ pharma company advertise direct to consumer. country = # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave & great country new zealand.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope if reader already listen to televisionon ad & run & talkadoctor and have low t test then maybe reader educate self 1st before go &  smear t drug crap on arm.