monkey hear many mans and ladies on blab&natter televisionon show start sentence with word so. so monkey try that & see what happen. here monkey experiment sentence.

so there many mans & ladies what start sentence with word so. so monkey wonder why. so monkey ask Man. so Man say when I hear a speaker starting sentences with so for no good reason I take it as evidence of (1) an incredibly annoying verbal tic and (2) a sign of educational deficiency. so what ask monkey. so Man make frown face and say so shut up monkey.

monkey know it sometime = ok for start sentence with so but know too that Man = correct when mans & ladies put so in front of sentence what start new thought & not connect with anything what come before. here example. 1 man meet another man & start whole conversation so i think we should grab a hot dog or so my wife just left me or so i have this boil on my ass.

monkey done with blog now. so monkey now say goodbye today reader. it ok for monkey start last sentence with so. Man say it mean therefore and it connect 2 thought with logic. if reader meet monkey in niagara falls in summer time it not ok for ask for autograph or start conversation like so like the falls are like really cool.