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oscar show play on televisionon a few night ago. Man & Lady & monkey not watch oscar show this year again but instead watch mystery show what have name father brown on pbs station place. it pretty good show but it not = favorite mystery show of monkey. monkey favorite = elementary.

ok. now monkey come back on topic. monkey not remember & ask Man for remind monkey why Man & Lady & monkey not watch oscar televisionon show. Man say because oscar show = overblown orgy of self-congratulatory entertainment industry piffle and mindless glorification of preening personalities. monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man translate please. Man say ok monkey and then say oscar show = a full-scale crapfest. monkey point out 43 million mans and ladies on team usa america watch oscar show. Man say well monkey it look like there big market for prolefeed.

monkey tell Man that cbs this morning blab&natter show host say ms ellen degeneres winner of many daytime emmy award do 100 % a + job host oscar show. Man say he not give 1 behind of rat &  wonder if there any other human being on earth planet what work so hard for create stunt for get attention + love than ms ellen degeneres winner of many daytime emmy award.

goodbye today reader. sometime monkey wonder why monkey ask opinion of Man who have big harshness about what he call pop culture stoopididity in # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave. next year when grammy award & gold globe award & oscar award & etc come on televisionon monkey just keep big bazoo shut. and not poke Man again.