monkey go yesterday with Man & Lady for visit place what have name niagara falls. it cold out side but Man & Lady drag monkey out into coldness any way. where monkey fanny freeze.

monkey enjoy trip when get there by falls & see beautiful water fall over cliff into gorge in winter. here some picture monkey share nice like good boy with reader.


here monkey sit on snow and freeze fanny at place what have name terrapin point. monkey ask Man what = terrapin. Man say it mean little turtle. monkey look around for see little turtle but there no little turtle around. maybe it hide under snow.


monkey sit on more snow and freeze can again. in back of monkey there cloud of water from where water go over cliff into gorge place. Man & Lady think this pretty place. monkey too.


monkey wonder if water keep go over cliff forever & ever. Man say in in 20000 year place what have name chernobyl safe again for any human left on earth planet go visit & in 50000 year niagara river move back to erie lake and falls disappear forever & in 7200000 year face on mt rushmore all gone. Man say also so it goes.


over there on other side gorge that city in great country canada what have name niagara falls like city in # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave. there big difference in 2 city. team usa niagara falls = crummy dump. team canada niagara falls = clean & pretty.

itcold (2)

monkey think niagara falls = cool & want come back in time of summerness when it warm and there bird and bug fly around and there no ice in water & can buy hot dog & can walk across bridge into great country canada & see falls from canada. Man surprise monkey and say ok & even bring folding up bike and ride around.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader go see niagara falls place in time of warm summerness. if reader see monkey there with Man & Lady it ok for reader come up and say hello but it not ok for ask for autograph.