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monkey today have big curiousness like curious george & ask Man if Man = religious ever in life. Man say yes when he little boy.

monkey ask why not now today. Man say there many reason. monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man explain please. Man ask if monkey want long or short story.

monkey say short please. ok say Man and then say 1 time long ago Man = religious when parent go church and take Man along & Man get religion program installation in head in church & church school where there many priest & nun.

later when not little boy Man think & think about religion & ask self if there evidence for all super natural claim of religion. Man look & look and not find any in world of realness. super natural stuff just = word in book and word what come out from mouth of religious mans and ladies. but there no evidence. religious programmer mans and ladies tell Man you just have to have faith or it’s a mystery.

but super natural stuff  not make 1 bit sense & Man ask big question. question = why run same old faith and mystery program over & over when can instead use brain more for dig & explore & wonder about world of realness.

that big # 1 reason why Man uninstall religion program from own brain. there other reason too & Man say look around at effect of religion all over earth planet in history & now today with intolerance & bigotry & cruelty & homicidal lunatic & war & self righteous prig & criminal activity of preacher & church & etc etc.

other stuff what = part of religion like rule of goldenness and behave nice and do right thing because it right thing to do = ok fine with Man. but Man tell monkey it happen many time every day that mans & ladies behave nice with morals & help other mans and ladies but without super natural religion stuff.

monkey ask Man if Man afraid now of burn in hell for ever & ever because Man delete religion program. Man laugh & say take it easy monkey. there no hell & no heaven & no after life. all that just = wishful thinking what come from old made up fairy tale. it 100 % more interesting in life for actually use power of brain here and now for create art & music & science & math & literature & good clean planet for human being live on in peace & etc etc.

monkey last ask Man if there god in heaven what make all thing. Man think couple of second & say if there god in heaven it probably committee of mathematician & physicist & comedian.

goodbye today reader. monkey not know yet if Man = correct about religion & god. some time Man right & some time Man not right. but simple brain of monkey think about what Man say & make up own mind about meaning of life. that = hard struggle for brain of monkey but monkey think maybe that part of meaning of life.