monkey = a + happy olympic game of winterness done. why. here why. most olympic contest bore crap from monkey. monkey think maybe monkey have better idea for new contest. here 1 half dozen idea monkey have for new contest what give 100 % excitement next winter olympic game.

  1. iceball capture flag war game. 2 team make big snow fort and many iceball & play capture flag.
  2. snowman biathalon. 2 team take turn try build biggest snowman in 10 minute while mans & ladies from other team ski around & shoot rubber bullet from gun & tear gas at them. there no body armor in contest.
  3. roller skate ski jump. jumper not have ski and pole and helmet. jumper use roller skate and baseball hat instead.
  4. dynamite curling.  mans and ladies shoot curling stone thing down ice path & hope knock big load lit dynamite into deep hole before it explode & blow up sweeper.
  5. frozen hot dog eating contest. monkey not need explain what happen. important rule = if cry baby complain about brain freeze then cry baby get banned from sport for ever.
  6. mixed martial arts ice hockey. this one too explain self. it favorite new monkey winter olympic sport.

goodbye today reader. monkey bet reader have easy time too come up with new winter olympic sport so it not so boring.