mans and ladies on # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave speed skate team not win medal and complain suit from under armour company not let them win maybe.

monkey think maybe speed skate team usa mans and ladies lose because other mans and ladies faster. it possible.

now monkey have 100 % a + good idea for help. next time winter olympic come make new rule for speed skate contest. here monkey rule. all skater mans and ladies shave off all hair & skate with no clothes. that mean 100 % bald & naked. that make fair & equal aerodynamics. Man help monkey with big word aerodynamics.

also all skater use exact same kind of skate. that fair too. also it ok for skater tape down floppy body part with duct tape if want to.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope olympic committee listen on good idea of monkey for make speed skate contest fair for every one. and for shut up big cry baby loser what now have no excuse.