today monkey make big mistake & tell Man monkey have boredom. Man make big annoy face & say its your own fault monkey if you cant figure out how not to be bored.

monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man explain please. Man make frown face & tell monkey boredom = lack of imagination plus laziness. monkey not like Man dump load of judgment on monkey fanny so monkey change subject for get Man have better mood.

monkey know Man = mathy so ask Man tell monkey some thing interesting about math. Man think little bit and tell monkey something what sound little bit nuts. here what Man say.

1 = 0.999…

three dot mean 9 go on forever & ever. monkey think brain of Man maybe crack little bit. Man tell monkey brain of Man not have crack and 1 = 0.999… = true.

again today monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man explain please. Man show monkey on paper how it true & monkey have amazement. it really = true. monkey ask Man write here on blog for show reader trueness of 1 = 0.999…

Man say it hard for do on blog but reader go here & scroll down & 1st read argument from algebra part of page. then maybe read rest of page. and maybe reader want see nice video about why 1 = 0.999… too. ok. then go here for video.

Man tell monkey there cool book what have name prime curios what reader maybe check out & maybe buy at site there or on amazon.com. Man say book not just for mathematician. it for any one who have curiousness about number & like find out interesting fact.

goodbye today reader. monkey not think math = 100 % big fun like Man. but even simple brain of monkey like interesting mathy stuff once in while.