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yesterday monkey watch on pbs televisionon episode # 1 from new sherlock season. here monkey review. first 2 season of sherlock = a +.

so far in season # 3 monkey give grade = c-. why. here why.

  • it have look of more like dumb team usa televisionon show than more brainy show what monkey expect from bbc.
  • episode 1 sound & look like story what some one write for big fan of show. what about mans and ladies what not big fanatic fan.
  • it take too long of episode for watson character get panties unbunched over not hear from sherlock in 2 year. in book watson get over it fast. it waste time of episode. & it not very interesting. too much relationship crap in episode.
  • strong plot not there. it lack good plot what make simple brain of monkey think. and there not much story there anyway. it beat around bush and go here and there with little bit of story and flashback. but it not fit together good.
  • monkey think sherlock man on team usa televisionon show elementary 100 % more interesting than sherlock man on team bbc show sherlock. Man say bbc sherlock = flat character & monkey agree.

monkey not big critic and that all monkey have for say about season 3 episdoe 1 of team bbc sherlock.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope sherlock improve fast. right now it suck in big disappointment.