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monkey over hear Man and Lady have talk about word frugal. both Man and Lady say it not same as word cheap. monkey understand cheap but not understand frugal & ask Man and Lady explain please.

monkey learn Man and Lady have parent what live through time of great depression. that not mean sad time of feel like crap. it mean time of big $$$ trouble in # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave. it come before Man and Lady come out from mamas onto earth planet.

Man and Lady learn how not waste and not buy crap and save money even if only few dollar from every pay check. Man and Lady get rich with big slowness over many year together. Man and Lady learn how word rich mean have enough for get by + little bit more.Man and Lady learn life not 100 % about money. it about simple pleasure & experience say Man and Lady. frugal mean careful with $$$. cheap mean stingy with $$$. frugal not mean cheap. it mean use head with $$$.

Man tell monkey there old war poster he see when little boy what sum up how be frugal and have simple happy life. Man go www dot internet dot com & not find same poster but one like he remember see in house of grand parent. here poster Man find.


Man and Lady say it good advice for mans and ladies of today all over earth planet. it easy for Man and Lady do because it habit Man and Lady learn from parent and grand parent & practice many year. it good habit. not like habit of smoke filthy cigarette or do crack. but it hard habit for learn now today because of many big commercial corporation business message what pour into brain of consumer of buy buy buy and only then have happiness & meaning of life. that message = big baloney. even simple brain of monkey know $$$ & big pile consumer crap not = meaning of life.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader like poster. and idea on poster. it good recipe.