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Man now write story. it science fiction story what Man want sell and make little bit extra $$$ for cushion. monkey not know what mean cushion but not care so not ask Man explain please.

story of Man maybe = novella or maybe = novel when done. if it turn out novella it now almost done. if it turn out novel it about 1 half done. Man not sure. but Man have fun write story even if story never sell 1 copy.

Man wonder if Man publish story with real name or nom de plume. monkey scratch head for show not understand and ask Man explain please nom de plume. Man say it fake name so people not call up Man and pester Man ever. monkey ask Man what fake name Man use if ever publish book. Man say he not yet know but work on it.

monkey like way nom de plume sound. it sound like nahm duh plooom to monkey. now monkey wonder if maybe it = good idea for monkey have nom de plume & monkey ask Man help please find nom de plume for monkey blog.

Man & monkey put head together on job & make many nom de plume on list for monkey. then monkey pick out 1 what monkey like best from all. here what monkey like. monsieur montezuma yamaguchi. why. here why. it sound 100 % a + cool. monkey think if some one use fake name for hide identity it need sound cool.

goodbye today reader. monkey not sure yet whether use nom de plume here on monkey say blog. but if reader ever see some writing thing with author monsieur montezuma yamaguchi then reader know 100 % it come from simple brain of monkey. if reader need nom de plume it not ok for use nom de plume of monkey. find own please.