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today monkey watch little bit olympic game and hear team usa and team this and team that. monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man why there team this and team that blab.

monkey understand if curling team play. then that curling team from usa or curling team from other country. but if 1 man or 1 lady do sport like ski down big hill without fall down and win medal then why that win for team usa. it win for 1 human being from earth planet. monkey ask Man please explain.

Man say hmmm and let me think 1 minute monkey. then Man think. & then Man say it example of what = granfalloon what = word in novel cats cradle by author man kurt vonnegut. monkey say that not help monkey understand & maybe monkey & reader need link for more understand. Man say that good idea monkey. here granfalloon link what explain. Man say make sure read example there.

goodbye today reader. monkey go read link already & now understand what mean Man when use word granfalloon. it good word for describe many bunch of human being on earth planet. it also restaurant  in kansas city place.