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monkey see many story on televisionon and on www dot internet dot com about celebrity actor junkie what have name philip seymour hoffman.

monkey scratch head for show not understand why there 100 % big news story all over of actor mr hoffman croak from stick heroin drug with needle in arm.

Man explain there many junkie die every day all over earth planet from one addiction or another addiction but when celebrity junkie die all other a list and b list and c list celebrity come out and say boo hoo what a tragedy & boo hoo what a shame.

Man say yes it = big shame actor junkie philip seymour hoffman die. it just as much shame when other poor out of control addict die even when addict = street person or student or any one. every drug death = end of road of messed up life what leave mess behind for other people clean up & suffer over.

monkey think maybe when celebrity junkie die it bring attention more to think maybe drug addict not so much criminal as person with sickness what need help. monkey think maybe war on drug shoot at wrong problem. problem in society 1st and junkie next.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not = junkie and not have addiction. it easy hole for fall into and hard hole for climb out of.