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monkey find out on televisonon that big football business 100 % not like when mans and ladies use words s**** b***. it some legal thing. monkey ask Man for help call game some thing else so monkey not get in big trouble.

Man say ok monkey. lets think about game and see what Man and monkey come up with. Man say go ahead monkey. describe what monkey see when watch game of football.

monkey think hard and say monkey see big mans run around & throw little ball & kick ball & grunt & knock each the other down & do little stoopididity dance thing when run into end zone place with ball or catch ball in end zone place & some time player man go off field on stretcher or in little car & there many commercial for crap when game stop for little while. and there big loud flash bang show in middle.

Man say ok monkey. then what idea have monkey for new name of game.

monkey say it = game of $$$ millionaire player play with little ball so many company make $$$$$$.

Man laugh and say monkey = correct but name too long.

monkey try again & say game of football bigness = super bore.

Man pat monkey on head & say that much better. monkey say Man try now.

Man make think face and say how about stupor bowl. then Man say wait 1 second. bowl on many time in row so how about serial bowl. then Man laugh & tell monkey that = pun.

goodbye today reader. simple brain of monkey not yet understand pun of Man today & now go for try figure out.