today monkey have 1 public service more for reader. it last speech reader have for see when politician screw up 100 % like get caught with pants down or email naughty picture or do sex harass of aide or intern or assistant or get bribe or smoke crack or etc etc etc etc etc.

first politician make categorically deny these baseless allegations speech but when it obvious even to oyster that politician screw up then politician make full responsibility speech.

now reader not have to listen or see politican make im sorry speech when get nailed. reader can do some thing else what more interesting. today monkey not use blah blah. like yesterday. monkey use quack quack. why. here why. full responsibility speech = 100 % more duckspeak from politician. monkey write quack quack stuff and Man help with red word.

My fellow citizens quaaaack aquack quackaquaaaack I take full responsibility aquackaquackaquacka quack quaaaacka quackquack quackaquackquackquack aquack quack quack quack quackaquackquack mistakes were made quackaquackaquack quack quack quack aquakquack lapse in judgment quackquack quaaaack quacka quacka quackquackquack quackquack one incident should not tarnish quack quack quackquack quack quack quack years of public service aquackaquackaquacka quack quaaack quackquack quackquack quaaaaaack quackquackquackquackaquackquack deeply regret any pain I may have caused quackquack quack quackquackquack begun to reconcile with my family quackquackquack quackquackquackquackquack aquackquack forgiveness quackquack quaaack quackquackquack quackaquackquack time to move forward quack quackquackquack quackquackquackquack quack can rise above this aquackaquack quaaack quack quack quackaqauck we’re all human quacaaaaak quack aquackaquackaquacka and let the healing process begin.

goodbye today reader. that all speech monkey write now. maybe later monkey write attack speech so reader not have to watch televisionon in election season.