some time monkey think writing = 100 % very hard.

today monkey not have topic like target data breach or moron robopath politician or stoopididity of academy award or etc etc. many thought of randomness fly around  in simple brain of monkey. monkey ask Man what monkey write about today. Man make frown face & say if there nothing for write about it better for monkey not write any old rubbish. and stop pester please.

monkey say ok & save draft & sign out & come back later with idea for write. goodbye for little bit time.

now monkey come back for write 2 hour later. & sit and stare at computer machine. there still no idea for what monkey write about. simple brain empty still. so monkey ask Man what number post this = when monkey ever write today. Man look at stats and say it post # 471. monkey ask Man why number 471 special. Man think & go look in book and say it perfect totient number. monkey have no clue what mean that so ask Man explain please. Man say it too hard for simple brain of monkey understand but if reader have curiousness then reader go here for find out.

Man say now stop pestering goddamit & come back when have something for write about. monkey say ok & again save draft and sign out. & think hard for what write about. & not again annoy Man.

here monkey come back more later today with idea for write. monkey = 100 % big a + fan of mark fiore what = political cartoon guy who win pulitzer prize thing. monkey think maybe reader have fun go visit mark fiore www dot internet dot com place for see some thing like jesus rebranded and saint ayn rand visits the day after christmas and little suzie newsykins remembers to forget & etc etc.

goodybe today reader. monkey hope reader like anti stoopididity stuff of mark fiore. it 100 % better from rubbish in simple brain of monkey today.