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monkey hear pilot chesley burnett sully sullenberger iii  say he not = hero. monkey think maybe pilot sully wrong & ask Man if Man have any hero. Man say if monkey mean somebody distinguished by exceptional courage and nobility and strength particularly when leaving safety behind to risk his or her life to save others then Man think few human being ever = hero.

Man say today in # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave there wackjob culture of consumerism + brainless ideology + religionism + anti-intellectualism + empty self esteem + narcissism + robopathic leadership + etc etc etc. it all add up to culture & society where if anyone do anything what rise 1 inch above average stoopididity then that person = hero. that mean word hero not mean much.

Man say he agree with sully pilot. Man say sure there many nice mans and ladies and littles & many decent human being on earth planet what maybe = good example & good role model. but hero in short supply. but still there hero in team usa & in world. Man say malala yousafzai and martin luther king jr deserve word hero. dietrich bonhoeffer deserve word hero. witold pilecki deserve word hero. every body & even monkey know malala yousafsai & martin luther king jr so monkey not make link for find out more.

goodbye today reader. monkey think pilot sully correct about self. pilot sully in same boat with other mans and ladies and littles on jet air plane and do good job. but pilot sully not = hero.