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today monkey see Man sit & think & monkey wonder what Man think about so monkey ask Man explain please what Man think about. Man say the meaning of life. meaning of life = not some thing  monkey worry about. or think about. monkey leave job of worry & think about meaning of life to Man. also job of vacuum carpet & scrub kitchen floor & mow lawn & etc etc.

but monkey wonder what thought Man have about meaning of life and so ask Man explain please what = meaning of life. Man laugh and say if mans & ladies honest & not afraid of face fact & use reason in brain then meaning of life = finding it as you go along.

monkey ask if meaning of life easy for find. Man laugh again & say some human being try whole life for find meaning & wind up still not know at end. but that ok say Man. effort for find meaning = part of meaning.

monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man why not just ask some one who already know meaning of life. again Man laugh & say that not always good idea. why not ask monkey. Man say here why not. some time some one who claim for  have answer for meaning of life just make it up & not discover it in real universe. Man say meaning of life what some one just pull out of fanny & call truth with no good evidence worth the same as other stuff what come out from fanny.

monkey ask if there any one good for help find meaning of life. Man say look at the products of reasonable brains of scientists & mathematician & go from there. then Man point at many book on shelf & say it up to monkey for educate self about real universe & then start discover meaning of life.

monkey look at all book & tell Man wow that too many book for simple brain of monkey read & think about. Man make frown face & scold monkey & say then you might just as well let fools program your brain with nonsense and be done with it. that not sound like good idea. monkey not want nonsense brain. Man say if monkey serious about want discover meaning of life then monkey have to walk down many path for find it. Man say tell you what monkey. im going to get new book our mathematical universe & we can read it together. maybe well find some interesting piece of an answer. but first well go read life is a braid in spacetime to get our brains working. monkey up for new brain adventure so tell Man ok.

goodbye today reader. maybe reader ready for brain adventure & go see life is a braid in spacetime. maybe not now & maybe later. maybe never. that all up to reader. but monkey start now.