today monkey look up in tree in yard of neighbor & see big bird what sit quiet and look around. monkey ask Man what kind bird it = & Man say that’s a cooper’s hawk. monkey ask then why hawk just sit up in tree. Man say hawk hunt bird what come for eat at bird feeder. Man say coopers hawk just doing its job but monkey not like idea that bird kill other bird and eat.

Man go get camera machine and take picture of hawk through window. it turn out ok and monkey think maybe reader want see picture of hawk what murder poor little bird. here picture.


here coopers hawk. it have 100 % sharp beak. when it make noise it sound like it laugh with evilness.

if reader want find more out about coopers hawk click here and go find out. maybe reader hear sound hawk make there & watch video thing. etc.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope there no coopers hawk by bird feeder of reader. monkey not like when hawk come & get easy dicky bird lunch at feeder. not fair think monkey. but Man just say so it goes.