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there good show on televisionon what come from great country of britain place. downton abbey = not great show &  it not  = good show. Man help monkey find word for downton abbey. word = mediocre. Man explain it mean second rate & that mean there better thing for watch on televisionon. from great country of britain.

Man think maybe it good idea for monkey tell reader what = better show from great britain than downton abbey. monkey think & think & make little list for reader of british tv show what Man & Lady & monkey like. monkey not explain why show on list better from downton abbey. monkey just say show on list = more brainy or more fun or give reader some thing for think about or etc. here list.

  • sherlock what have modern sherlock holmes detective with actor benedict cumberbatch
  • pd james series what have actor roy marsden play inspector adam dalgliesh
  • foyles war
  • reggie perrin what have actor martin clunes who also play doc martin what = 1 more good show
  • father ted
  • black books
  • smileys people
  • masterpiece mystery poirot series
  • blackadder what have actor = rowan atkinson what also play mr bean
  • etc etc etc.

where can reader see thing on list. netflix= 1 place where. maybe some place else too = pbs televisionon. monkey not do all work for reader so reader go find out.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader maybe already see some thing on list of monkey. if reader not ever hear of some show on list maybe reader give it try.