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monkey watch downton abbey on televisionon yesterday night & wonder what big fuss about & why many mans & ladies watch british show. here some reason why monkey go read book next time downton abbey come on televisionon.

  • monkey have great boredom from watch english mans & ladies walk around & eat & drink tea & have servant help get dress for dinner & moan about problem of being rich.
  • monkey too have great boredom from know what happen next. monkey sit & watch & and think ok here what happen pretty soon. & then it happen. downstairs people & upstairs people predictable. that because writer of show use formula. monkey not know for 100 % but pretty soon monkey bet edith character get in trouble with baby. pretty soon monkey bet stuffy carson character  have romance thing with some one  in kitchen. etc.
  • monkey have hard time feel any thing for poor rich people what live upstairs in abbey. o dear. what dress to wear to dinner. o dear. have to replace servant. o dear. lost money gambling. ho hum. even big problem of upstairs people bore monkey.
  • downstairs people bore  monkey too. same old stuff go on downstairs. nasty character stay nasty. stupid character stay stupid. pathetic character stay pathetic. ho hum.
  • once in while writer of show throw in big surprise shock thing like character croak or get assault or etc. monkey already see stuff like that on televisionon. it what happen in soapy opera show. it surprise what not = real  surprise. it surprise what come  from recipe.
  • acting = not very good. monkey have impression all actors acting like just put script down.
  • plot of story = like someone throw lego block together & hope it make sense.
  • there nothing brainy on show. monkey not need imagination for watch show. at end of show there nothing for even simple brain of monkey think about.

goodbye today reader. if reader big fan of downton abbey that ok with monkey. it harmless way for pass time if there nothing better for do.