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monkey see that golden globe award on televisionon tomorrow & ask Man if Man & Lady & monkey watch golden globe. Man make frown face & wrinkle up nose like smell some thing bad like poop or boiled cabbage & say certainly not. monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man explain please & Man say ok little monkey. Man call it slight variation of sturgeons law. here explanation of Man.

  • more than 90 % of televisionon & movie = crap. like everything else. only worse.
  • that include especially all award show what = loathsome orgy of celebrity self congratulation. in italic = real word of Man what Man ask monkey write down. Man say too award show = crap about crap so  award show = metacrap.

monkey ask if that mean Man & Lady & monkey find other thing for do when award show on televisionon. Man say yes indeed.

monkey ask Man if sturgeon law apply to monkey blog. Man make think face & say sometimes maybe.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not waste time of what life reader have left by watch award show. but it ok for reader come back many time for read monkey blog.