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in news monkey see basketball celebrity man mr dennis rodman again go north korea & this time sing happy birthday song for best friend kim jong un. if reader click for see celebrity mr dennis rodman sing make sure have barf bag handy. monkey wonder what song celebrity mr dennis rodman sing if he live in north korean political concentration camp. Man say well monkey it would be a different tune.

Man give opinion and say big basketball game where celebrity mr dennis rodman croon nice at dictator = big stage show in sports arena & Man hope mr dennis rodman not have license from ascap or harry fox agency for sing happy birthday song and have to pay royalties.

here now next topic. today monkey make post # 461. monkey think ok. Man like number. so monkey make challenge for Man. here challenge. tell monkey why number 461 special.

Man make frown face & say hmmmm & think hard. Man say maybe 461 prime number but first have to check. Man go check and say yep 461 = prime number. for reader what not know what = prime number monkey explain. prime number any counting number more big from 1 what some one can divide without remainder by only number 1 and itself. here example. 3 = prime number. only 1 and 3 go into 3 and there no remainder. 2 = prime number. it most small prime number and only even prime number.

Man say hold on monkey. here 1 more thing about 461. it sexy prime. monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man explain please. Man say mathy mans and ladies call prime number sexy when subtract it from bigger prime and get answer = 6. 467 = prime number  and 467 take away 461 = 6. that mean 461 sexy prime with 467.

monkey have not so much interest in number as have Man but monkey enjoy little fact about number any way.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope celebrity mr dennis rodman not bff with reader. why. here why. celebrity mr dennis rodman = bff with dear leader jim jong un. if dear leader find out reader = bff with celebrity mr dennis rodman then maybe dear leader find way for disappear reader.