today it 100 % cold where live monkey & Man & Lady. it minus six degree outside & that not count wild chill thing.

that = why monkey stay inside today. monkey not want get frost bite and then head or tail fall off. Lady go outside fast for feed bird & run back inside house fast & say whoo it really cold.

it good day for stay in pajama long time  & made # 2 cup coffee & go look around www internet dot com for interesting news & idea. here some interesting thing monkey find. maybe reader stay inside house today so here some link for reader click and learn some thing.

  1. where all time traveler. that good question. maybe there no time traveler. find more out here. here something monkey bet reader not know. mr physicist stephen hawking throw party for time traveler &  no body show up.
  2. what happen from now to 100 quintillion year from now. that = good question too. here infographic thing for see big picture. Man say infographic sure puts things in perspective. whatever that mean.
  3. it = big fun for read tom the dancing bug. go here on boing boing for tom the bug fun.
  4. maybe reader have big boredom inside today. maybe it fun for reader brush up foreign language what reader take in high school. if not have any thing else for do.
  5. monkey = made from sock. so monkey have interest in sock. here sock comic on the oatmeal. it have naughty word so if reader have tender mind or = prig or prude or not = grown up then reader not click please. go click some thing else. ps. naughty word = f bomb thing.
  6. if reader not want read f bomb in comic then here good comic what Man like & read every day. it rhymes with orange. click for comic of today. there other comic for reader go to too in little box on page bottom.
  7. if reader want curl up & read good book when weather nasty out side then here good place for go & download many free ebook for put on computer machine. or tablet machine. or phone device thing.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader nice & warm like toast bread today & not go out side & shiver like little bird & squirrel mammal animal.