today Man and Lady again go look for snowy owl. Man and Lady = people what have name birder. monkey stay in house because monkey fear owl what eat bird and small animal. Again Man and Lady find owl. this time there 2 owl & Man have good camera & take many picture of owl. Man tell monkey share 1 picture of owl on blog even if monkey not like owl. monkey say ok because not have much choice. here picture snowy owl what Man take new year january 1 in year 2014.


here big snowy owl bird what sit on post of sign by outdoor place where it hunt and kill bird and animal for eat. before it sit on post it sit on chimney of house for get warm. then it flap & fly to post & fluff up feather because it 100 % cold and windy outdoor. monkey maybe think owl = pretty if owl not killer. monkey not able for get beyond that but Man and Lady not have same problem and think owl = pretty.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have good # 1 day of year 2014.