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monkey always listen with great carefulness to word. why. here why. monkey hope by listen that monkey learn good english language for speak & write. Man say there many many crap word & phrase in air so sometime when monkey hear word on televisionon & when mans and ladies talk around monkey it not good for monkey use same word & phrase.

monkey scratch head for show not understand and ask Man explain please what =  crap word & phrase for monkey not use. Man say first go read the 39 worst words phrases and parts of speech.

Man say next monkey go read lake superior state university 2013 list of banished words.

then Man say go read article an a to z guide for 2012 worst words. it old article but it good article.

last Man say and for the love of god monkey learn where to put the word only in a sentence so you dont sound like an illiterate moron.

goodbye today reader. monkey not want sound like any kind moron so now monkey go read article what Man say go read. monkey hope reader speak and write 100 % a + good english language so if reader ever talk with monkey then reader = good example for monkey. not like televisionon.