wow today = post #450 for simple brain of monkey. that many post and still idea for write come into simple brain of monkey. today monkey write about maybe next project of Man.

Man always look for project. example 1 = this morning today Man make yum yum english scone in oven thing in kitchen. example 2 = little while ago Man install linux system on old window xp machine. next project maybe = build usb typewriter with kit. already Man have typewriter & now Man think it interesting for build cool usb typewriter. maybe reader ask what the heck = usb typewriter. here answer. maybe reader have now interest for build own usb typewriter. Man say read instruction first before buy kit for see if reader ok with make usb typewriter before spend money. instruction here for no solder easy install kit.

other news from monkey = Man and Lady not win big fat lottery so poof go foolish dream for buy land and build house in baddeck ns & buy class b rv for go around & visit many place.

goodbye today reader. monkey bet reader not win lottery too. but that ok because  it not cost many $$$ for build cool usb typewriter machine. or do many other cool project. monkey think it cool for Man and Lady raise chicken in back yard but Man say neighbor probably not like idea.