now almost 1 year + 7 month go away since Man say bye bye facebook. still Man not miss facebook even 1 %. Man say facebook even now less cool & more corporate & snoopy than 1 year + 7 month ago & Man think friends & family know enough about Man already. there too still privacy issue. maybe reader want know more update about facebook privacy stuff.

Man say facebook suck & say there other way for share info with friend & family. monkey scratch head for show not understand and ask Man explain please. Man say ok monkey. here 7 not facebook way for keep in touch.

  • go visit. in person. walk or ride bike or drive car to place of family or friend. it probably good idea for call first so not barge in on private stuff like bath or dinner. or etc.
  • have family or friend come to place of reader for pizza or nice dinner or etc. make sure clean bathroom nice before friend or family come over.
  • call on telephone machine and have nice talk and tell joke and tell news and etc. probably it not good idea for call when favorite televisionon program of friend or family on.
  • write letter and put in mail. maybe use pen for write on paper not computer for print out letter. that more personal.
  • write email. it not so personal but better than facebook.
  • share info with friend or family with pinterest and instgram
  • diaspora = cool way for share if reader = little bit techy

if reader want 1 more reason for quit facebook then read here. facebook watch every thing what user type even if reader change mind and not hit enter.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope you have friend & family for share news and joke and etc. but even simple brain of monkey think facebook = big corporation with crappy ad and snoopy tracking and suck 100 %. if reader want say bye bye facebook and delete account then go link here for see how. it easy.