monkey get 100 % a + big excitement for win megamillion jackpot what = many million $$$ today. monkey start pester Man for buy ticket. Man say hold horse monkey. Man already buy ticket for maybe win. Man say he feel pretty foolish for buy ticket because of odd of win.  monkey ask what mean foolish. Man say foolish = stupid. monkey scratch head for show not understand and ask Man explain odd of win. Man say if he live for = 80 year old then it 41440 time more likely he get knock on ass by lightning. it = 369472 time more likely Man walk along sidewalk or road and get dead by hit by some kind vehicle.

monkey scratch head again and ask then why Man buy ticket. Man laugh and say sometime it ok for blow little bit $$$ for big foolish dream and have fun dream big foolish dream.

monkey ask Man what Man do if win big megamillion jackpot $$$. Man say that easy. Man go into hiding.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope if reader blow little bit $$$ on megamillion jackpot chance then reader too have big fun foolish dream. but monkey hope Man win.