monkey not know address of reader so reader get card and holiday letter here today. first here card. monkey think it pretty card what for say happy hallowthanxmas.


now here monkey holiday letter.

this year = ok year for monkey. monkey not win nobel prize & not get big promotion. why = because monkey not work any place. monkey not have littles for brag about so there no brag here how little logan start harpsichord lesson & little emma win ballerina contest & little carter find most big prime number and only 5 year old & little mia now superstar on soccer team and have only 1 concussion in 2013.  Man not let monkey have pet so there no puppy and kitty story for talk about. monkey stay same weight all year and not go gym even. monkey healthy & not die in 2013. monkey go travel with Man and Lady and see rock and roll hall of fame & etc. simple brain of monkey enjoy write blog many time in year & hope still have more idea for year 2014.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have 100 % a + year 2013. ps. monkey see little twerker girl cyrus & mr senator ted cruz from great state texas not = time person of year. mr pope francis win. but monkey wonder now why what magazine what have little circulation say = important. that puzzle monkey.