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monkey just hear tsa agent take away little gun weapon costume prop of other sock monkey what have name rooster monkburn on december 3 in st louis air port because of abundance of caution. monkey think this = 100 % big abundance of stoopididity & want Man write letter for defend right of monkey for have toy gun with costume.

Man say no and just laugh. Man say halfwit at nra probably now make rooster monkburn mascot hero and try get rooster monkburn give speech at next national convention. Man say tea party halfwit probably now try get rooster monkburn run for senate.

Man ask monkey what monkey learn from story of rooster monkburn. monkey make simple brain think & think. then monkey have answer. next time monkey go fly on jet airplane monkey leave banana home.

goodbye today reader. monkey send out thought and prayer for poor rooster monkburn what probably suffer big hurt feeling. monkey hope nra and teaparty leave rooster alone.