monkey hear about time magazine person of year 2013 choice list. there 10 human being on list now. here list.

  1. mr bashar assad what = oppressing dictator man of syria country where die many mans and ladies and littles in middle east place
  2. mr jeff bezos what = amazon dot com capitalist business founder man
  3. mr ted cruz what = mr senator man from great state texas what in washington for make negative noise and get attention and not do much
  4. miley cyrus what = little twerp twerker celebrity singer girl
  5. mr pope francis what = leader of 1 billion catholic mans and ladies and littles & who not think poor people = poop on shoe
  6. mr barack obama what = leader of # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave who have hard time make people healthy
  7. mr hassan houhani what = mr president of team iran
  8. miss ms or mrs or ms kathleen sebelius what = secretary of health & human service of team usa
  9. mr edward snowden what = leaker of secret data stuff all over earth planet
  10. miss ms or mrs edith windsor what = gay right activist

monkey make bet mr pope francis win. monkey not know why other mans and ladies even on list.

goodbye today reader. maybe reader hope mr ted cruz win or miley cyrus win. monkey hope not because then monkey think reader need transfusion from simple brain of monkey.