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monkey keep hear about real walmart. it commercial on televisionon what say walmart = wonderful place for mans and ladies work. Man too watch real walmart and say something smells bad here monkey. monkey have idea for go www internet dot com & find out if commercial true and walmart = 100 % a + super duper place for work with big opportunity & cool bonus for worker when store have good sale number & walmart help customer save on prescription drug & mr clinton praise walmart for use solar energy & and commercial show actual shopper & walmart work direct with manufacturer so there no big price markup.

monkey and Man read article thing and Man say ok monkey. put that link in blog so reader get real real walmart story. it have title the real walmart six big fibs in walmarts new ad campaign. Man say it still look like walmart just 1 more blood sucking multinational corp. monkey not know what mean that so Man tell monkey. monkey think reader already know so monkey not explain for reader.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not wage slave what blood sucking business use for make big profit. monkey hope reader have good job what not suck life out from reader.