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monkey have a + 100 % big excitement. Man and Lady put tree of xmas up in front window and make birthday party for little jesus baby in little house what father of Man make long ago from stick.

here picture monkey climb in tree of xmas. up near top by star what shine.


here picture monkey visit birthday party for little jesus baby. there many visitor like mr bill & turkey & shepherd & wise guy & santa & reindeer & robot and gargamel & dinosaur & angel & wiener dog and barney and  etc etc. it big party.


Man think maybe nativity scene offend some one or two but monkey not understand why. xmas = birthday of jesus baby & jesus like party like wedding feast in bible book & big party with many mans and ladies = fun for baby. so monkey ask why jesus get offend. answer = jesus good sport and not get offend over good party. that what monkey think.

monkey think what really offend around time of xmas = fight at store over consumer crap and every night on national news there big fat story about sales and retailers and shop shop shop and how much % more sales this year and etc. that what monkey think = offend. Man too. Lady too. Man say if mans and ladies think 100 % hard about why grown up mans and ladies think it good idea for run around like lunatic and shop shop shop for xmas there not much good answer there.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not get in big box store stampede and get hurt or arrest by police men. monkey hope reader not go nuts and spend spend spend $$$ because it hallowthanxmas. yes monkey say it fun for put up tree in house and look at pretty light & it fun for make little birthday house for jesus baby. it too nice for family get together in holiday. if not fight. but rest of hallowthanxmas = ho hum boring and full from stoopididity.