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monkey have great puzzlement about word actually. many mans and ladies on televisionon and in life of realness say actually this & actually that. but monkey not have brain big enough for understand why. here example what monkey hear on televisionon.

rain activity is actually going to overspread the area this evening.

monkey scratch head for show not understand what word actually add to meaning of sentence what weather man say. monkey go ask Man. here what Man say. nothing at all.

then Man say it a + good idea for not use empty pointless actually almost 100 % when speak and write. Man too say the weather man make sentence what = abominable. monkey not know what mean abominable & Man explain it mean horrible. monkey ask what = better way for say what weather man try say. Man think for maybe 9 second and say it’s going to rain tonight.

monkey ask Man why weather man not just say it’s going to rain tonight. Man say go think about that monkey. sometime Man not give answer & make monkey think. ok. monkey think about why weather man pump up language with emptiness and too many word. monkey think 2 reason maybe. number 1 maybe weather man have to fill up time with blab and number 2 maybe he think that when use many word it better from use not so many word. monkey think that = stoopididity. monkey tell Man what monkey think and Man say bingo. monkey try hard for learn english language. monkey find out televisionon not = good place for learn english.

goodbye today reader. monkey try hard not use word actually when write blog and talk out loud. monkey hope reader help monkey go on war path & kill actually.