sometime monkey watch local news on televisionon. here what monkey see on local news.

  • weather weather weather. even when nothing much happen weather reporter make it big news. weather mans and ladies blab and blab and blab for many minute and usually repeat and repeat same stuff until monkey ready for shriek and throw thing at televisionon.
  • sports sports sports. most story now about football. sport caster mans and ladies blab and blab about big # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave sports obsession until monkey ready for jump up and punch hole in televisionon.
  • accident and crime and more accident and crime. here example. fire and robbery and car turn over and some one get hit on head and college student pee outside by bus stop and ruin neighborhood and power line spark in road and flood come and fill basement and kid go missing and bad parent hit kid and school superintendent get in big trouble and drunk driver and next stupid thing kids do and angry neighbor and unidentified body found and dui and man arrested and scam artist in neighborhood and school test score go down again and etc etc etc until monkey want go hide under bed and curl up in happy place.
  • many commercial for injury attorney and cheap crap furniture and junk food and restaurant and big sale here and big sale there and car and truck and etc etc what make local news look like storefront.
  • once in while there warm up heart story. at end of local news. before national news and drug commerical come on.

monkey wonder why so much weather and sports blab blab blab. if that what human being like most hear about then monkey think human being = 100 % boring.

monkey wonder too why there so much accident and crime and bad news on local televisionon news. if that too what human being eat up with 6 o clock dinner then monkey think human being = 100 % blood thirsty & depressing.

now monkey tell reader big theory why there no ufo and alien come land on earth planet. it because local news broad cast go out in wave for many many year across whole universe where alien see what interest mans and ladies on earth planet. weather and sports and crime and accident. that why alien stay away. if alien see pop music award program or see crude & rude televisionon comedy show that too explain why alien not land here.

goodbye today reader. monkey sorry that alien never land on earth planet. monkey not blame alien for not want come visit planet what look like big store where live boring & bloodthirsty & depressing creature.