monkey thank all nice mans and ladies what come visit blog for read about freddy the pig book. it make monkey feel happy and not lonesome for know other being not just Man and Lady and monkey on earth planet like freddy. monkey hope mans and ladies go & buy many freddy book for give for xmas present and make more mans and ladies and littles happy. like monkey.

monkey already have xmas list 2013 on blog and think maybe it good idea for ask what on list of Man and Lady. for xmas 2013. monkey have 23 cent in hiding place already from what monkey find in car and couch and p0cket so monkey maybe buy nice present for Man and Lady.

but Man and Lady shrug shoulder and say sorry monkey we already have every thing. monkey scratch head for show not understand how Man and Lady have every thing. here example how Man and Lady not have every thing. there not mercedes car in driveway so Man and Lady not have every thing. Man say number 1  mercedes = kitschy vulgar car and number 2 the kind of thing Man want = thing what please brain like book maybe or ticket for see play in theater or go hear good music in philharmonic place where conductor wave arm and many mans and ladies make music. Man say he not need book and play and music for xmas present. when mood come for good book and play and music Man and Lady just go get and not wait for xmas.

monkey scratch again head for show not understand and ask if Man and Lady give present each to the other at xmas. Man and Lady say no not usually. monkey ask if Man and Lady humbug scrooge or give other mans and ladies and littles present. yes of course say Man and Lady. it = great pleasure for give present at xmas like to grand children and son and wife of son. but Man and Lady give each the other present all year long & say merry xmas and happy birthday. even when it not xmas and birthday.

monkey have great confusion about Man and Lady but that ok. now monkey keep 23 cent and save more for some day buy rich frog anti monster flashlight for keep away monster from bedroom in night.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope no body confuse brain of reader like Man and Lady confuse  simple brain of poor monkey about xmas and birthday and etc. monkey hope too there no monster in bedroom of reader.