monkey and Man read politico dot com today and see some quiz what have title how well do you know the news by writer andrea drusch and writer trevor eischen. quiz ask if reader know what go on in washington.

here quote of question # 1.  Thursday, which former lawmaker announced they might run for their old seat, this time as an Independent?

monkey scratch head for show simple brain not understand question. monkey think andrea and trevor ask about one lawmaker but then trevor and andrea say they and their. monkey ask Man how 1 lawmaker =2 people or maybe more. monkey ask Man if lawmaker = conjoined twin or have 2 head. Man laugh and tell monkey it just 1 more example how ignorant and careless = mans and ladies of rule of grammar.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader learn good grammar in school so talk and write better than monkey. or trevor and andrea.