# 1 today. sometime Man need little project for keep mind happy. today later monkey watch Man do experiment with old netbook computer machine what have windows xp on it and pretty soon microsoft company not support windows xp.  that not good thing. so Man say why not put linux on old netbook and make netbook like new computer machine what have everything Man need for work on computer + there not many threat from virus & trojan & worm &  rootkit & etc like on windows and mac. that good thing.

right now when monkey write download come on computer of linux mint 15 and universal usb installer. it take long time for download so Man go do other thing and monkey write. later this pm Man try put linux on old machine. and see what happen.

# 2 today. Man discover 100 % a + good way from keep squirrel animal from climb up pole on bird feeder and steal food from poor bird. Man share idea nice with reader. Man smear vicks vaporub on pole. squirrel animal try go up pole only 1 time and then not try again. monkey think squirrel animal not like smell from vicks vaporub on hands and feet. maybe not like taste too when clean off fur with tongue. you have squirrel problem then try solution of Man. it work.

goodbye today reader. maybe reader want see what linux =. ok. go here for info about linux stuff.