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yay today monkey help reader keep eye on what robopath politician in congress place do and not do for we the people what live in # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave.

maybe reader want know how representative just little while ago vote for open up government again or keep shut down.

maybe reader want know how senator just little while ago vote for let government pay bill or not pay bill.

maybe even reader want get email every week what tell how senator and representative of reader vote on important bill. and how send email to senator and representative of reader. and see what vote come up soon. click here if want sign up for email for keep eye on congress.

pretty soon day of election in november 2014 come and monkey think it = 100 % a + good idea if reader know if it time for fire politician what not do what reader want in washington d c congress place.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader want educate self & keep eye on congress.