maybe reader ask where monkey go and why monkey not write many day. that because monkey go great state ohio for visit with Man and Lady.

today monkey show picture and tell story of place where go Man and Lady and monkey.

here first = picture of gate house at mansion what have name stan hywet in akron ohio. in gate house there first meeting of doctor bob and bill w what = 2 mans what create alcoholics anonymous.


next here picture of stan hywet mansion place. stan hywet not name of man what build mansion for self and family.  franklin seiberling build house and live there many year with wife lady and 6 littles. who franklin seiberling maybe reader ask. monkey explain. franklin seiberling man what make goodyear tire and rubber company. stan hywet =  name of house from old english language  it mean stone quarry. house very big & have 64500 square feet and 23 room for go pee pee and poop. monkey wonder why any one need so big a place. if reader look hard can see monkey sit by pumpkin vegetable thing by flower what yellow. no picture in house = big rule. that why no inside house picture here.


next picture = 1 garden behind big house. monkey hear from guide it place where wife lady of franklin seiberling take refuge. monkey wonder from what. there no bomb or plague or terrorist with gun & machete or other bad thing. wife lady spend time painting and tell servant what do. what wife need refuge from. monkey like statue in garden. water come out from statue.


when drive around Man and Lady and monkey go through town what have name hudson ohio. Man say it look like trendy shopping mall turned inside out. Man and Lady stop in hudson not for shop at expensive store. no. Man and Lady go buy vegetable and bread. here picture 1 street in hudson place. there more street with more store.


now here some picture where go Man and Lady and monkey for hike in place what have name south chagrin reservation. it pretty place  for hike and bike and run and ride horse and picnic and etc.

first here cool tree on big rock.


now there picture Man walk under rock what hang over Man and monkey worry rock fall on head of Man. Man say not worry little monkey.


now here Lady stand on trail and smile nice for Man take picture. reader not see smile when Man make face of Lady pixilated. Man think it never too good idea for make too much identity on line.


now here picture what show squaw rock. man what have name henry church think it good idea for carve on squaw rock many picture of snake and woman and skeleton and shield and etc etc. look hard for see snake and lady. and etc. there more picture on back of rock.


now monkey go rock and roll hall of fame in city cleveland ohio. here monkey sit out side in cool air and nice sun.


it big place and have many thing for see and listen. Man take many picture here but say monkey put only 3 more on blog here & that enough. monkey choose guitar what belong flea who play in red hot chili pepper because monkey like name flea & sax horn what belong junior walker because monkey like listen junior walker and all stars & pink floyd big monster what live up in ceiling of hall of fame. here 3 picture.




if reader want find out more rock and roll hall of fame info go click here and find out.

Man and Lady and monkey not stay in hotel or b & b this trip. no. Man and Lady and monkey stay in camp place what not like other camp place where there many yahoo and lout and boor and yobbo with many case beer and loud music outside and yell and scream at 2 in morning and make pee pee on ground and etc & make camping not happy time for nice camper people. where Man and Lady stay there quietness and no rude yahoo.

some time when go camp mans and ladies live in tent. some time in little trailer like Man and Lady. some time in giant trailer. sometime in big motor home what look like bus. here picture of little trailer of Man and Lady and giant trailer what some one bring in camp ground.



Man and Lady make some friend in camp ground like nice people from great state massachusetts what like live in tent and go bike all over country. and two nice lady what travel in minivan and sleep in minivan and cook bacon in morning in electric fry pan on picnic table. two lady also take pig with wing what have name hammy all over like Man and Lady take monkey. here picture pig with wing and monkey sit by big mushroom what grow under pine tree between camp site of 2 lady & Man and Lady.


goodbye today reader. monkey hope once in while reader go travel some place and see cool thing. monkey like travel around. but like get back home too.