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today monkey give big stoopididity award.

award go to robopath republicrap politician rafael edward ted cruz what work hard for make it more hard for poor mans and ladies and littles get health care in # 1 exceptional team usa america land of free home of brave.

mr cruz look little bit like sad sack and monkey not sure 100 % but maybe mr cruz get pick on when little and now take out anger & hate on poor mans and ladies and littles. mr cruz deserrve stoopididity award 100 %.

monkey hope mr cruz  share stoopididity award nice with all fiend in dickwad teaparty. oop. monkey mean all friend in dickwad teaparty .

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not = selfish dickwad what not want help mans and ladies and littles what poor or meek. that not nice. mr jesus not like that. monkey too.