here yesterday where live monkey it rain all day. many drop water fall from dark sky and make puddle. monkey wonder what Man and Lady do on rainy day so monkey watch. Man and Lady walk around in pajama and make breakfast and eat. then Man sweep with vacuum machine all floor in house and porch. Lady scrub bathroom and make toilet and sink and tub nice & clean. Man pour stuff in bucket and add hot water and wash floor of hall and kitchen and bathroom. Lady go in bedroom and dust clean furniture with oil soap. house smell clean and then Man and Lady done clean house and then take shower and eat lunch food.

then Man and Lady go movie place for see blue jasmine movie what old man woody allen make. here little review from Man.

It’s pure donkeywork to suffer through the plot, if you can call it that, of Blue Jasmine. I imagine its being contrived as follows: “C’mon, gang! Let’s see if we can throw together some cheerless bunk about disagreeable, dysfunctional, and unreformable halfwits and vulgarians that we can palm off as sophisticated something or other.” The acting? I had the unshakeable sense that the actors were role-playing and that Mr. Baldwin might suddenly ask me what I have in my wallet. The dialogue? Had I stayed home and done laundry, the combined sounds of the washing machine and dryer would have been less irritating, if not actually more interesting. In short, I want my 98 minutes back.

goodbye today reader. monkey guess Man not like movie blue jasmine.